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A 1500-unit private community situated ten minutes from the center of Montreal, this project is located on 141 acres of rolling hills and meadows lined by mature stands of elms and willows, and trained alleles of maples and poplars. Guided by a site-sensitive approach to the design, the master plan led to the positioning of roadways along lines of existing trees, thus preserving most of the mature growth, orienting buildings to topographically interesting features, and creating vistas, parks, and recreation areas where the terrain and vegetation seemed most natural to the programmatic need. Elements of traditional town planning, such as a town center providing basic civic elements including a train station and a small retail center, were combined with a broad mix of housing typologies ranging from single-family homes to townhouses and condominiums to create a structured community.

Location :

Montreal, Canada

Type :

Master Planning

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Size :

141 Acres